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Two bedroom apartment - East Village, NYC

While small in scale the sweeping views of this apartment are extraordinary. The color palette in the living area is bright and cheery to compliment the client’s art collection, while still highlighting the view. Built-ins were used to expand storage but also accent the room with bookcases and wine display. A custom storage bench pops in it’s graphic upholstery. Tweed and velvet upholstery provide texture, as does the faux bois pattern to the rug. Cole & Son’s Lilypad wallpaper provides a fun focal point in the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms. A bright Manual Canovas print serves as the shower curtain in the guest bath. The master bedroom became a moody haven with charcoal walls and lavender damask drapery. Vintage mirror was applied to the closet doors to reflect the light as well as provide a dressing area for the client. Pickled oak dresser and low steel bed frame from Desiron add a modern element. Alabaster lamps from a boutique provide a stately accent.

East Village Apartment